Kanda is a first generation Congolese-American singer songwriter, model and artist of many types.  After growing up in Boise, Idaho, she moved to Portland to study music, and is a graduate of Portland State University with a degree in vocal jazz. Along with having performed with several prestigious musicians and bands in town, she has been the ambassador and face of many fashion lines including Tomboyx, Ace & Jig and Joyn.




Kanda is a is advocate for racial equity, mental health, body positivity and fat liberation. While in school, Kanda recorded her first EP entitled “Evolution Project”. This EP showcased the techniques and skills she learned while studying jazz. On this EP, Kanda arranged the selected jazz standards to bring a new perspective on classic tunes.

Her most recent EP entitled “Landing” is showcasing the beginning of her self acceptance and healing journey after multiple life traumas.

This EP is also the first project that showcases her own music writing skills. Her main focus in all the art she participates in is showcasing the healing of the fat, black, femme in its many facets. I


In spare time, Kanda can be found playing the guitar, listening to music, podcasts or audio books, spending time with loved ones or working on spiritual healing.



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